Documentary Wedding Photography

Our Style

A little bit about us here at Mewstone and our style of photography.
We want to watch your day unfold and document it in a beautiful and artistic way. We aren’t going to fake or force anything and we won’t be demanding. You’ll see from the weddings on our blog that we capture all of the small details that make up the bigger picture – the scenery, the weather, the architecture, the flowers and styling, the stationery…everything that makes your wedding
We want you and your guests to be as un-aware of us as possible. So, you won’t hear us asking anybody to smile for the camera (that’s the last thing we want!), there’ll be no posing requirements, no staging of moments, no re-runs, no fake smiles. When you look back at a photo where you’ve been posed, you just remember being posed; when you look at a natural photo, you remember how you were feeling at the time.
We want to capture your day in its natural manner. We can still do some group shots, of course, but these are best kept to a minimum so that we can get back to capturing those candid moments.
For the most part of the day, we would love you to completely forget we are there. We want to tell the true story of you and your unique day. After all, each wedding is as unique for us as it is for you.
The Creative Portrait Session…
As creative photographers we want to capture you as natural as possible.
The majority of the creative portrait shots you’ll have seen were only possible by stepping away from the hectic-ness of the day and taking time to yourselves, we recommend you set aside some time in your day for the portrait session not only for the photographs but to soak up the atmosphere and be yourselves.
Throughout this session, we will gently guide you through it, asking you to do nothing more than take a few minutes to connect and breathe together. This is your chance to step away, just the two of you.